Thursday, 8 January 2009

Animated Audi

I saw this on the tv recently, usually forget to search for the ad to blog it or i forget who the ad was for to actually search it. 

But i found it at creative reviews blog. CR's first twee spot of ‘09: the new Audi Q5 ad featuring Woody Guthrie’s Car Song

Twee, acoustic, folksy music accompanies practically every second ad on TV at the moment. We first noticed the trend back in mid 2007 – a list of sappy offenders compiled here – but when, we ask, will it end? Joining CR's discussion: Dan Stevens, a director at music PR and management company, Darling Department; Parv Thind, sound designer at Wave; and Peter Raeburn, founder and creative director of music production company, Soundtree.

It is great the hand drawn animated style, check out Blank Canvas & Communication Animation

Great making the card posses the ability to reflect. 

Looked good. there is a new one by nokia i just saw today. will search for that, think it was E17 model... or something.

spotted here:

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