Friday, 23 January 2009

Amazon Books Map

Amaznode (
is a relation based search engine for amazon which is made with adobe flash9 (as3). This search engine visualizes a relation network of products in amazon, from the statistics data "customers who bought this item also bought", by digging related products again and again. Amaznode is not
only for searching but also good for researching and making an associate link.

Fantastic how it mines the associational network of products 'also purchased by...'

good display for hover over with its interactivity. love it.

integratable to your own amazon associates id. score

and not just books, or info vis... any product. the best amazon widget.

Affiliate with amaznode

Amaznode enables you to make a direct link to paticular saerch query, and you can also add your own amazon associate link.

In the search result view, click the "COPY RESULT LINK" button at the top left menu. It copies a handy html to your clipboard.

a href="" target="_blank" affiliate="AFFILIATEID-22">Search with amaznode: information design /a>

You can easly make a link to amaznode search result by adding this code to your blog or email.

Also if you have amazon associate id, and you replace the part "affiliate=" to your own id, all products in this query works as your associate product link.

Market analysis with amaznode

An another aspect of amaznode is that for researching tool. Searching with amaznode, you can find hidden characteristics of products. For example, some kind of products may be bought by a limited user group even it is very very popular.

Made by Takayuki Fukatsu ( / blog)

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