Sunday, 7 October 2018

Ampresand B

Liked the way they have used the ampresand as a B. Reminds me of Fletcher working the ampresand into part of A letter for the V & A.

Work bench

There were 2 benches like this. Everything has it's place, wish I could have got to take a photo from above.

Reminded me of something Stephen Shore would have captured. The precision and neatness to even where the tool is placed.

Sound Window Display

I hope this was intentional and not just 'its late night we can finish it in the morning'.

A whole window for those tiny ear phones and not even a smidging of colour, just the glow of the light.

A pillow, stand and the product.

Makes you really focus on what the product is.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Nemos Garden

Remember seeing this on George Clarke's amazing spaces tv series, UK. Underwater garden/greenhouse, or as they call it Nemos Garden.

Yes herbs grown in 6 biospheres weighted down with air inside, under the water off the coast of Italy.

Indeed biospheres as reading this link suggests that they're even becoming havens for marine life.

From the same link they describe the spheres benefits,

'The balloon-like biospheres take advantage of the sea's natural properties to grow plants. The underwater temperatures are constant, and the shape of the greenhouses allows for water to constantly evaporate and replenish the plants. What's more, the high amounts of carbon dioxide act like steroids for the plants, making them grow at very rapid rates.'

Here's Nemos garden description,

'Agriculture represents 70% of freshwater use worldwide: water management is needed in most regions of the world where rainfall is insufficient or variable. Increasing pressure is being placed on water resources by industry and urban areas, meaning that water scarcity is increasing and agriculture is facing the challenge of producing food with reduced water resources.'

This idea would work for areas with difficult climates for growing. I like the innovation of growing in different terrain, and that the carbon dioxide accelerates, or at least is at a high level to feed their growth.

They have a live webcam but what I like is their live data feed of each pod.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Homemade kaleidoscope

Captured these from a kaleidoscope I made with the kids. An old packaging tube, maths and foil card adhesive and voila.

Working on an interactive tutorial for making them, it doesn't quite interact and make them for you, but it's hopefully helpful.

Flippin' eck

Yorkie ware produce these mugs and teapots that have some great hand written type of local colloquialisms.

Eyes dna

Loved this summer craft for kids at Eureka, UK. They helped the kids make bracelets that represent DNA sequence based on their eye colour.

Pattern mali

Was parts of the islands at Chester zoo. Nice colours and shape.

A window

Seeing letters in physical forms. Ladders stood in front of window.

In loving memory

Cool type I've always noticed in my town. Finally photographed it and discovered who the designer is that created it.

Craig oldham, who also released books about our local history of mining.

Sunday, 23 September 2018


This just stood out. A little press on the wall.


This looked awesome in an old hall. I'd like this as my home phone.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Doodle update

Was there another day so kept doodling to the last one. Like some of these so will use in other projects.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Doctor Strange

Loved this film. I liked cumberbach in his Alan Turing role in The Imitation Game and this was equally great.

The film wasn't overly Marvel in its delivery although Stan got his guest role on the bus. It had elements of the unreal and reminded me of films like Inception with the bending of realities, or the beautiful images of Ecsher's repeating stairs and patterns.

I was absorbed from start to finish and I imagine it would be even better seen in 3d.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Lego Classic 1947 Harley Davidson Knucklehead

I wanted to create the look of a 1947 Harley Davidson 'knucklehead' and achieve a fully functioning lego technic with camshaft based on it's V-twin engine. It's not quite the same as JT's from Sons Of Anarchy on display in the clubhouse, but I like it.

Please support my model on lego ideas:

I could have added more lego to make it have the more distinct rocker boxes of the knucklehead but I didn't want to hide the view of the moving valves. The technic chain drive on the back wheel turns a series of cogs, camshaft and moves the valves up and down in the beautiful Lego Engine Cylinder parts (2850) angled at 45 degrees with it's cooling fins. See gif here:

I liked finding a combination of the right pieces to get the shape of the fuel tank looking right. For me it's a distinct feature of the early harley flatheads, panheads and how it sits on the engine.
I might tweak this knucklehead to make it look similar to it's successor the Harley Davidson Panhead like Opie's restoration from SOA, or the predecsssor the Flathead. I want to explore making the Indian Chief, or even Burt Munroe's land speed record one.

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I will aim to update, find pieces to add brakes, tweak the seat more, but I really enjoyed getting it to this point.. Help me reach my target by giving this a vote, and thank you for supporting me in my LEGO endeavours! Share on social media to your friends!
To see what a Harley Knucklehead looks like, visit here:

Please support my model on lego ideas:

Monday, 5 March 2018

Lego Drive-in Theatre

Lego and electronics, I had to combine them at one point or another. I have been working on something a while with the two together. This is just as good.

I had a raspberry pi 2 b+ (older model ) for a while and I noticed a Wave share capacitive touch screen was half price on amazon.

I intended it for another project but it ended up here where I built a lego frame around it to house the wires and boards.

I had to install some file's on to the micro sd that came with the touch screen. Attached a mobile phone power bank that can sustain it for a few hours.

Voila a lego drive in theatre. I add a nano wifi adapter attached so you could stream from your wifi a film. 

Saturday, 24 February 2018

We Are Stars

'We are Stars is an immersive science documentary. This 360° cross-platform experience will seek to answer some of the biggest questions of all time. What are we made of? Where did it all come from? The film explores the secrets of our cosmic chemistry, our explosive origins and connects life on Earth to the evolution of the Universe.'

I mean't to post this when I went a while back. In Leicester UK, The National Space Centre is a fantastic place with lots to see, do for anyone, a space rocket, soyuz, oh... and at the heart a brilliant 360 degree planetarium. In it we watched We Are Stars, available for vr sets like vive and occulous rift for a small fee. Hopefully port those stereoscopic talents for it over to Google cardboard soon.

It was highly engaging and immersive inside the planetarium watching it unfold about the cosmos. Very clear, in depth and as you may guess, I loved it. Buy it, visit, well worth watching from NSC Creative.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Lego City

Wow. Obviously for the kids but just ever so slightly realising my childhood dreams of a lego city, it looks great.

Found the little table with draws underneath that we have full of lego models and bricks from a second hand site. Great condition and a nice size that fits in the little ones room.

Then not too expensive brick compatible street lego boards from Wilkos here in UK. Had to use a power tool handheld jigsaw to cut one or two to fit and have not many gaps up to the edges.

Then built away and added their sets from birthdays, Christmas's, their inventions and old sets like fire stations and police stations I had as a child.

It goes through changes but I love being able to extend, adapt, add to sets like supermarkets, parks, making Smoky's Garage bigger and incorporate other Cars sets. Yeah they love it, I love it.

Might not be as big and grand as some cities I've seen, but it's great.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Kids book Dustbin Dad

Such a good book. So true at least in our house. 'Tomatoes with toothmarks, old scraps of fish, crunchy bits left on the side of the dish'


Lego coffee machine

Done a few tweaks to it and would prefer to have certain coloured bricks to use then what I have. But I like it.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Drew's Car Lego Technic

Drews car from despicable me 3. Need to reorder the correct sides for the panels on the side and can do with some more refining but think I got the basic look of it.

Update: not orange sides but added the sides I intended. Will find them in orange one day

Will no doubt keep being tweaked.

Lego 8838 dirt bike

Found some instructions when I Googled technic bikes and saw what looked like the one I remember from my childhood.

Dug through all the technic parts I had sorted. Then voila, the 8838 dirt bike.

Loved how the chain and cogs made pistons go up and down in the engine.

But then I love lego technic.

Lego technic batpod

My version. 

Haven't refined the look of it yet. Liked the front wheel, one bar and spikes