Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Web Trend Map 09

web trend map 09 beta
It is here, just noticed it here at Benjamin Wiederkehr and Christian Siegrist: www.datavisualization.ch/

looks really good. IA's previous versions were very good, and they have managed
to improve upon them.

loved the isometric, but they have given it further depth like the tubes and it
has the level of popularity with the height dimension explored.

I like how they have brought in the people symbols/isotypes walking in this
new geographic terrain of the web similar to what was done on this


I think it is a great improvement, not that it needed it. wish i knew how to
say 'brilliant, thanks' in japanese.

from here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/formforce/3409362834/

previous version here:

Web Trend Map 2008 Beta
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Useful recent link/posts I have noticed.

InfoVis design tests. by brad paley

The Importance of colour in data visualization

An Introduction to Visualising Data pdf by Joel Laumans. an excellant beginners
guide, well designed

Havard Info Visualisation Course

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