Friday, 27 March 2009

Holy Scriptures text map

This i thought was really interesting work, put into a gallery to be hung and viewed.

Donato and his friends at density design through flickr do amazing work and must have been blogged by everyone who has even the slightest quivering appreciation/interest in data visualisation. On their flickr I found this piece originally thoguht to be by themselves but it is by, a project by Philipp Steinweber and Andreas Koller.

This is great that they are squeezing data visualisation off of the web and into the mainstream, i mean dont get me wrong, i might be naive and it is in gallerys, exhibitions, museums far and wide that i am unaware of, but its good to see they are.

this is partly why i wanted to make visualisation magazine to get it off the web and feeds and fed into the colleges, uni's for students, artists, other fields to engage in their subtle brilliance. i know i am probably hyping them too much... but i cant restrain my love of data vis etc.

well enough of my rants, see more shots of this here and check out the haul of data vis by density design and donato on flickr with their work also at

be fed by them now:

nice message paper folding:

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Periodic Table of Controllers

by member mike. check out the other periodic's here Periodic table of Typefaces.

There's been a recent flurry of discoveries, it can be subverted into so many forms. I quite like this Console controllers, makes me nostalgic to SNES. Check this post too, Nintendo Map.

Great to visualise the marks on a pad without the shape and just the buttons. Spotted on great sort of clipmark, image bookmarking tool. great way to compile inspiration. Saves searching through links, or places you discovered work.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Colour Scheme Harmoniser

Not sure if harmoniser is a word, but i like that this tool lets you create a colour harmony form just point and click in the buttons under the wheel

mono, ocntrast, triadic, tetrad, analogical

Faber Birrren would love this, just like j m brockman would have loved grid-designer-tool.

Creating instant colour hamrines for you in a second wasn't enough you can decide upon the subtle nuances of the triad, tetrad and analogical with the degrees between,

Will have to try see version 3 as it isn't supported on IE6 but version 2 is supported on IE6 which is the one shown.

I have seen other good colour pickers that give a scheme and the hex codes but the harmony buttons and subtle nuances so easily manipulable, god this is good, easy, simple.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Periodic table of Typefaces

absolutely brilliant. ok the classifying isn't perfect but the execution is
top notch. they're must know fonts for designers from gunter gerhard ith akidenz
grotesk, goudy, cassandre, baskerville, tshichold, benton, renner... and... the
dates they were created.

when i did the periodic table of design and when i did type timeline... i
thought that there had to be one made for typefaces. it has gratefully been
fulfilled in excellant style.

love it, enjoy it, share it.

see more periodic table subversions here:
quite a few.

also i'm included there:

from: via @azaaza: Periodic table of Typefaces:

you might like: Type Timeline Half 1


Mapping Knowledge

A new map of knowledge based on electronic data searches in which users moved
from one journal to another, thus establishing associations between them.

A new map of knowledge has been assembled by scientists at the research
library of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It is based on electronic data searches in which
users moved from one journal to another, thus establishing associations between them.

The map includes both the sciences and the humanities in a hub and wheel
arrangement, with the humanities at the center and the sciences arrayed around
them. The arrangement fell out naturally from the data and is not contrived,
said Johan Bollen, the leader of the research team.

In the map, published in the current issue of PLoS One, it has some great clustering and is excellant to realise through distance and colour their revelance to each other. The journals are color-coded as follows: physics, light purple; chemistry, blue; biology, green; medicine, red; social sciences, yellow; humanities, white; mathematics, purple; and engineering, pink. The interconnecting lines reflect the probability that a reader will click from one journal to another on the computer screen.

Similar maps have long been constructed on the basis of footnotes in one journal’s articles that refer to articles in other journals. Dr. Bollen believes that his electronic click map better represents scholars’ behavior than does citation analysis, as the footnote method is called.


found here:

Monday, 16 March 2009


This is a collection of early, small typographic experiments. I liked the idea of »smashing« type on paper and see what happens. All the typograms were created with python and postscript.

I know they aren't very functional i know, but they are good. check out poetry on the road, previously posted. by boris muller

Mapping Genes

Mapping the Human 'Diseasome' by Marc Vidal; Albert-Laszlo Barabasi; Michael Cusick
Mapping the Human 'Diseasome' by Marc Vidal; Albert-Laszlo Barabasi; Michael Cusick

really like this, clean simplification of a complex subject showing the amount of genes associated with that disease. Researchers created a map linking different diseases, represented by circles, to the genes they have in common, represented by squares. Related Article: Redefining Disease, Genes and All

love the size ratio and soft pastels colours.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Co-map on Ebay

U-RARE :COMAP N3/40 Special Edition 4 Visualisation N2 en vente sur (fin le 17-mars-09 12:16:05 Paris) by you.

Co-map is literally a collaborative map between myself and Arnaud Velten over at to translate his excellent 3D CV Map into english and hopefully soon his fantastic map will be featured in an art gallery in america.

it is an excellent creation, looks damn good (i have seen a copy) there is more info at for a more detailed view. it is at 1 euro i think, really well worth a bid before 

17th march end of auction

there aren't lots and they are well worth, I believe they are A3, more info here:


cheers arnaud

Friday, 6 March 2009

Visualisation Magazine Volume 2 - Circles

this magazine collates some of the most creative and innovative visualisation of information that try to simplify the complex. this volume is based around circles.
featured at flickr:

or on you tube:

next is based on isometrics. example layout featuring work by

With excellant help and collaboration from pedro montiero at it has had an excellant revamp. More work featured by,

Carl Tashian
Peter Crnokrak
T D Architects: Theo Deutinger, Johannes Pointl, Beatriz Ramo
Bradford Paley
Quentin Delobel
Andrew Collins
Grace Lee
Wesley Grubbs, Nick Yahnke
Julien Bayle
Pedro Montiero
Roaxanna Tran (at plus other members)
Ji-Hwan Kim
Sol Jin
stephen p anderson
Christian Nold
jess bachman
tom gauld
2spot et al
Nick Cawthon
Andrew Vande Moere
Jarke J. van Wijk

please send your examples of isometrics for the future issue 3. also please give feedback. and observe the copyrights of non commercial, no derivatives, attributation to myself and pedro.

all featured are very good resources of inspiration for various design jobs as they solve communication problems using easy to understand graphics. Seems a mouthful but basically great graphics that look great (form) and communicate detailed info quickly and easily (function).

All items featured at

Version 1 here:

Visualisation Magazine vol 1 by visual think map

This layout of version 2 lets you zoom in more but loses the nice double page spread, incase you want to see closer detail.

thanks again to all who contributed and there cooperation, very helpful allowing their work to be featured in the magazine and others advice and help. thanks to pedro's collaboartion too, gave it a really good revamp. see more of my work at

or more visualisations featured at