Thursday, 28 August 2008

Nintendo Map

Quite an apt time to discover an excellant visual map of the rise and development over 23 years of nintendo's technology in the games console market.

With them re-emerging with the fantastic and amazingly affordable interactive technology (although not to moi), of the wii it is great to observe the development of the brand.

I dont know how but they have also transformed (in the uk) the brand of dr kowa-shee-ma (no disrespect) for their handheld DS. They have taken the addictivness of Tetris from the Gameboy and transferred it to a universal appeal of 'training your brain'.

I was addicted to 'SNES' and would probably be called a 'retro gamer' now as i am addicted to Mario Kart & the greatest game ever Super Bomberman 3 (this was the multiplayer version).

Enough nostalgia this map gives you an excellant overview, it is clean & informative of the different hardware and dates of release. It also gives you a subtle reflective summary of nintendo's brand Mario over the years.

The clean white design of the wii and the DS (although you can get different colours) give it a avant garde look that is reciprocated in the award winning clean white packaging design of Apples Ipod.


Cheers phillippe

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