Monday, 9 October 2017

Cool Nature Book

This is a great book I spotted at the end of our visit to Chester Zoo.

Packed full of Science and Nature that goes into depth covering also red from weather to nature's photosynthesis. All covered in children's illustrative style.

There are some nice instructions for a few experiments in there as well such as a tornado in a bottle.

Well worth purchasing.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Banana Cream Pie

Yum. Overcooked the pastry slightly but I made the walnut short crust from scratch and the rest.

Very nice. First attempt at a dessert after making a few quiches.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Blue Stilton & Mushroom Tart

Yum. This was delicious. I first followed a recipe from the Great British Book of Baking, previous post I think. Now I have adapted tweaked and still taste and worked really well.

I'm no Michelin star by any means, I just love food and this taste good. One day I'll make the short crust from scratch but for now Just Roll is great.

Oh and I've had a quick skim and I'm not sure if it's quiche or tart or pie and what the definitions or geographic determinents are for its name. It's just yum.


500grams mushroom
Blue Stilton (crumble over to desired amount)
300g of cream (tried it here with lot fat Greek yogurt, tastes and arose fine).
3 medium eggs
1 packet of just roll
Roughly 22cm baking tin
Flour for dusting tin and surface to roll out pastry


Will get to these soon. Took a picture of my scribbles for now.

Professor Astro Cat Books

Wow. I found professor Astro Cat's Atomic Adventure book by Dr Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman at the YSP, UK shop, which cost a bit more than I usually would like to pay for a children's book but it was full of Science and awesomeness. 

Written in a brilliant engaging way for kids and illustrated with vibrant colours and characters depicted interacting with each topic of physics. From atoms, forces, solar system, where electricity comes from, weather... it was/is full and well worth the pennies.

Dr Walliman has made youtube videos and maps of chemistry, maths, quantum physics and intriguing to me one about Augmented Reality. It echoes with thoughts I wrote about how it might influence gaming and our daily proclivity's (will get a link to it on academia or drop box soon),

'Augmented Reality one of them new things that might just change the way we work and play. Pokemon Go is the first time augmented reality has become really popular, so I thought I would use it as a hook to talk about the technology and where it might go.'

Ben illustration is beautiful in their solid colours and clean lines with geometric patterns. The mouse and the cat characters interact depicting scenarios to illustrate the science topic of the page be it forces, outer space. I know he was invited to present at CuratedBy within Sheffield Hallam University's, UK, Graphics Degree not too long ago. Seen his other work online and it is very nice. Feel it must have an influence stylistically of Paulozzi (... no doubt spelt wrong), maybe it's just me. 

I found their great partnership for Falling Eye Books started not with Atomic Adventure but Frontiers of Space and they have a third that came out recently in 2017, Prof Astro Cat's Solar System, which I'm sure to order.

Even if not for the kids they're great reads for adults even if you have a fleeting interest in understanding aspects of our world. They make the perceived complex that little bit simpler and easier to comprehend through science. Yum.

Pentalum Luminarium

This was a great light installation I went to see recently with the kids.

Although when I looked through the portfolio of previous installations elsewhere that looked more intriguing, the kids loved it.

The Architects of Air is founded by Alan Parkinson who has been making them for over 25 years. The one we saw was called Pentalum.

'Each luminarium is a dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring domes where Islamic architecture, Archimedean solids and Gothic cathedrals meld into an inspiring monument to the beauty of light and colour'.

I believe there are 7, but definitely visit again.

Reminds me of Daguerre and Bouton with there experiments in what they called 'the play of light' fused with architecture like with the Rotunda and panoramas.

Will try update with links to things soon.

Marble Adventure

This was a lovely laser cut kit from a local children's museum, Eureka. Made by Small Machines based in Sheffield UK for the museum they had a couple of other machines laser cut from mdf.

It wasn't too difficult for my 6 year old to assemble, it's just good to have adult supervision for neatness at least when gluing with the pva that they supply. To be honest I didn't have to use the pva on all of it, just the curved piece on top that guides the marble and keep the axel bar in place and not fall out at the end.

It's great to see the pistons move a marble uphill and kids be amazed. I thought it might do 2 at a time but it knocks the other off. I made a little mdf base for it to sit in so the younger kids, who might be a little less delicate and forgiving don't knock it over.

Love it. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Broccoli & Cheese Tart

Finally had a dip into a baking book that someone got me one Christmas.

Turned out better than I'd expected. Next time I'll try make the short crust from scratch.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Minusonic board developments

Minusonic is a project designed to detect the micro-sonic, the minuscule sounds in the environment around us.
We've developed the Minusonic board v2 which is a great product for any level maker, inventor as either a starter getting into electronics, or the more experienced individual/company looking to use/adapt this device into their professional practice.
It has a small microphone attached that we've enhanced through experienced circuit-know-how, to make it ultra-sensitive to tiny decibels of sound.