Saturday, 30 September 2017

Professor Astro Cat Books

Wow. I found professor Astro Cat's Atomic Adventure book by Dr Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman at the YSP, UK shop, which cost a bit more than I usually would like to pay for a children's book but it was full of Science and awesomeness. 

Written in a brilliant engaging way for kids and illustrated with vibrant colours and characters depicted interacting with each topic of physics. From atoms, forces, solar system, where electricity comes from, weather... it was/is full and well worth the pennies.

Dr Walliman has made youtube videos and maps of chemistry, maths, quantum physics and intriguing to me one about Augmented Reality. It echoes with thoughts I wrote about how it might influence gaming and our daily proclivity's (will get a link to it on academia or drop box soon),

'Augmented Reality one of them new things that might just change the way we work and play. Pokemon Go is the first time augmented reality has become really popular, so I thought I would use it as a hook to talk about the technology and where it might go.'

Ben illustration is beautiful in their solid colours and clean lines with geometric patterns. The mouse and the cat characters interact depicting scenarios to illustrate the science topic of the page be it forces, outer space. I know he was invited to present at CuratedBy within Sheffield Hallam University's, UK, Graphics Degree not too long ago. Seen his other work online and it is very nice. Feel it must have an influence stylistically of Paulozzi (... no doubt spelt wrong), maybe it's just me. 

I found their great partnership for Falling Eye Books started not with Atomic Adventure but Frontiers of Space and they have a third that came out recently in 2017, Prof Astro Cat's Solar System, which I'm sure to order.

Even if not for the kids they're great reads for adults even if you have a fleeting interest in understanding aspects of our world. They make the perceived complex that little bit simpler and easier to comprehend through science. Yum.

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