Monday, 24 August 2009

Graphic Presentation Book by W. Cope Brinton

Willard Cope Brinton – Graphic Presentation   /_11 by Prof. Michael Stoll.

Some pages from Willard Cope Brinton's second book
(1939). The whole book can be downloaded (in a worse resolution) for free from

This is is just like
Global Internet Traffic Map 2008

set on Flickr from Prof.
Michael Stoll

[item image]

(~526 pg) Read

(32 MB) PDF

(26 MB) B/W

(660 KB) Full

(20 MB) DjVu

All Files: HTTP

the whole book can be downloaded here

found at armina's brilliant blog.

Spam, Spamity, Spam

Originally uploaded by Kim Asendorf

Visualising spam, it gives description of the email as you hover over the circle, think Kim is lucky to only recieve it from 3 IP's but they're still annoying.

Make it look better, and re-organise its display with date, ip, size. Does look nice when it moves and re-orientates interactively.

Well, managed to finish a lot of work such as essay for studies. will be sharing it soon online looking into data vis and graphics.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Plane Survival

Really good, clean, clear and informative work. A round-up and mash-up of data on fatal plane accidents. Cross-referencing the data (unscientifically) reveals the statistically most dangerous flights to take.

by month
by airline
by plane type
by country
by seat

Visit here for more visualisations and infographics


Inspired by data from The Guardian Datablog

My data here:

Very hi-res editable PDF (2.8MB) here:

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Designing Data Interviews

As I research I came accross these useful written/video interviews, some useful people on design of information and other fields like Info Architecture (isometric styles), Interactive Mapping, Knowledge Visualisation, Info Visualisation (more computer mediated). Please post links to interviews on the subject you have read and help me with my research.

Gerlinde Schuller - Editor. Designing Universal Knowledge

Jer Thorp - Artist and Educator

Jason Kottke & Nicholas Felton - Feltron Report

Eric Rodenbeck - Stamen Design

Manuel Lima - creator Visual Complexity

Andrew Vande Moere - creator Information Aesthetics

Paul Kahn - creator Kahn Associates. former partner with Kris Lenk at
Dynamic Diagrams

Aaron Koblin

Steve Duenes. NYT Graphics Director


Gerlinde Schuller - Editor. Designing Universal Knowledge
by greg j smith

'A month ago I posted an enthusiastic review of Designing universal knowledge, a book written and designed by Gerlinde Schuller. What fascinates me so much about this writing project is the rigor with which it ]catalogues the structures, technologies and institutions that package and
sanction knowledge. Gerlinde heads up the Information Design Studio, an Amsterdam-based organization "specializing in the development and design of complex information systems" that are used for visual explanation and journalism, as navigation aids and as tools for consulting.'

Jer Thorp by
greg j smith

'Jer Thorp is a software artist and educator based in Vancouver with a wonderful knack for creating work that draws on (and questions) a variety of disciplines. Genetics, biological growth,
questions of representation and the emergent logic and aesthetics of large, collective pools of content are all topics of exploration in his projects. Jer teaches at Langara College’s Electronic Media Design Program, is quite active on the international new media lecture circuit and will be running a creative coding workshop this summer. Jer and I started chatting about a post of his
on data, conspiracy and the work of Mark Lombardi and that conversation evolved into the following interview.'

Jeff Veen

'jeff Veen Talk: Designing for “Big Data” - information aesthetics'

Jason Kottke & Nicholas Felton - Feltron Report by justin wehr

'Professional blogger Jason Kottke links to an interview he did with CBC's Spark radio show.

Spark caught my attention by also having a recent interview with Nicholas Felton, creator of the Feltron annual reports and co-founder of Daytum.

I enjoyed both interviews. One topic from the Kottke interview that I had not thought of before was the idea of "extreme borrowing", where bloggers extract the main points of a piece of
content for their post, thereby creating little need for readers to visit the source of that content and read the whole thing'

Eric Rodenbeck - Stamen Design
by andrew vande moere

'This post contains 2 recorded talks from Eric Rodenbeck, founder and creative director of Stamen Design, the visualization design lab known for projects like Trulia Hindsight,Digg
, SFMOMA ArtScope and Flickr Clock.

The first talk is titled "Information Visualization is a Medium". Information visualization is becoming more than a set of tools and technologies and techniques to understand large datasets. It is emerging as a medium in its own right, with a wide range of expressive potential. Eric Rodenbeck provides an overview of the studio's recent projects, and insight into the studio's working process. This talk was given last year at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2008 in San Diego.

The second talk is titled "Mapping Now: Dynamic Realtime Maps and Other Pictures", and is basically the last part of the previous talk without the speedy fast-forwarding. Maps are never pefect representations of reality, and increasingly they are out of date before they are finished. Complicating matters, mapping of live phenomena (geospatial or otherwise) is becoming more
and more prevelant, and even expected. Looking back to earlier representations of movement can help us figure out how to represent the fluid spaces that mapping is moving in to. The talk was given last year at the O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference, in Burlingame.

Both talks can be watched below.'

Manuel Lima - creator Visual Complexity

Manuel Lima Visual Complexity from on Vimeo.

Manuel's website has no doubt been an inspiration all in data visualisation and information graphics. Manuel Lima is an interaction designer, information architect and design researcher. He currently works as a Senior User Experience Designer at Nokia's NextGen Software & Services in London. Manuel is also a frequent speaker in conferences and festivals around the world, on the topic of Information Visualization, in particular the visualization of complex networks. About Visual Complexity intends to be a unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks. The project's main goal is to leverage a critical understanding of different visualization methods, across a series of
disciplines from Biology to Social Networks, and, to be a space that inspires, motivates and enlightens any person doing research on this field.

see also: Blogviz. mapping the dynamics of information. manuel lima

Andrew Vande Moere - creator Information Aesthetics

Also see this, remembered this was around, andrew vande moere of info aesthetics

Paul Kahn - creator Kahn Associates. former partner with Kris Lenk at Dynamic


As part of the ongoing series “An American Summer” from The French Creative Connection, Thibaut Estellon has interviewed Paul Kahn, information archtitect extraordinary. Paul Kahn and his studio Kahn + Associates are specialized in creating visualizations of information architectures. Originally from Manhattan, New York he founded his information design studio in Paris back in 2001.

The interview is a healthy mixture between discussing design challenges in information architecture as well as human factors of an American living and working in Paris. Unfortunately the interview is written in French but Google does quite a nice job by translating it for the english speaking community.

Many thanks Paul for your help with the magazine.

Aaron Koblin

Video Interview with Aaron Koblin from by

√Čtapes has published a comprehensive video interview with Aaron Koblin. If you haven’t come across Aaron’s work yet I recommend having a look at Flight Patterns and the House of Cards video for Radiohead as a starting point. In the interview he talks about his interest in generative art and information visualization as a way to display cultural tendencies and models emerging today.

Steve Duenes. NYT Graphics Director

At SIGGRAPH 2009, Keynote Speaker Steve Duenes talks about design, technology and properly limiting your work as it pertains to his role as the New York Times Graphics Director.