Monday, 1 September 2014

Lego DIY Little Bits

They snap together with magnets placed behind the copper tape (didn't conduct electric if they were in front) & soldering wires to magnets didn't work as heat decreased the magnets strength.

I know they are nowhere near has neat, compact and perfect as actual Little Bits, but took me a while to make them snap together with magnets and conduct electric to each other. My 3 year old could do it so they worked. I then stick them to lego and they are all equal studs length apart from each other.

They don't carry any signal (data) just circuits but great for me to start learning the beginnings of electronics beyond just the automatic jumper wires and arduino circuits.

This one has a button in the middle to turn the piezo buzzer off when pressed and on when released.

Found a nice transparent 4 x 4 plate that would let the light through.