Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Mississippi Type Visual

I love this. real triumph to concrete poetry. mallarme or apollinaire would really applaud this visualisation, clean, informative design/map. I agree it works well as a free form poem, (as a western reading, its in english) top left to bottom right with how its composed. I love using type to represent space. type/typography as image. still a sketch... looks good.

'This is the latest map in my "Typography of Place" series... a map of the cities and towns that lie along the Mississippi River. The last two maps I did in this series (Silk Road and the Aleutian Islands) were very horizontal. So I wanted to try one with a vertical format.One of the things I am trying to achieve in these maps is to have the words that make up the map read as a sort of free-form poem.

In this one, I think that comes across particularly strong since you can "read" it from the river's source in the top left to the mouth in the bottom right.I have not color coded the place names on this map as I did in the Aleutian Islands Map but the same theme is present with many towns having Native American names (in addition to the river itself).

French names are also quite present as you travel down the river. Then there is the intriguing sequence of Egyptian-inspired names that includes Memphis, Thebes, Angola, and Cairo.This is still a sketch but I assembled the base map by drawing the river and placing the cities on the appropriate side of the river to try and stay geographically accurate. But I knew as I was building it that I was going to center the towns on the middle of the river to emphasize the meandering path the river takes as it starts in northern Minnesota and works its way all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. '

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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Joy, Love, War, Peace

love will tear us apart type - peter crnokrak

I literally love this visualisation by peter crnokrak, not only is it a great
record to do a visualisation about it gives you so much data too about the

It lists its influences on other tracks, releases correlating in the centre
of the popular circular timeline visualisation method.

He has done another that he describes as the 'computational aesthetic of love & hate'

Using the 192 members of the united nations, he creates a geopolitical display of the quantative degree to which eacj contributes to war (on one side) & peace (the other).

Due the their size they could benefit from this little tool. zoomorama. make your pictures zoomable

see more close-ups here:


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Monday, 20 October 2008

Literature Visualisations

These are some great literature / text visualisations that I have found. From madonna, tom sharpe, da vinci (dan brown), royal society archive, universal declaration of human rights & a german poem.

Literature map lets you input your fave author and watch it display (limited aesthetically) other authors you are probably aware of but probably some your not. Great tool.

The poetry by boris is still equally intersesting and aesthetically plaeasing as his 05 version, visual e quite rightly point out it is a little more accessible (function) than before.

Chris weaver's projects are triumph's for accessibility with his elements visualisation I am certain would benefit anyone to learn, use, develop from, great tool.

Chris harrison's visualising the royal society might not be too accessible but i think function's to some extent. again like many troublesome issues with visualising, the works tend to need a degree of zoomability, 'scaling well as the data size gets very large' (visualizaton goals & features).

visual poetry 08 - Friederike Lambers, Boris Müller, Florian Pfeffer

found here: visual e (very well analysed)

da vinci by chris weaver

da vinci by chris weaver

other works elements / cinegraph (infovis 07 contestant)

found here: google groups - carto-infos

(note, just a part of the visualisation)

Visualizing the Royal Society Archive by chris harrison

found here: design label

Like a Prayer/Madonna - The Shape of Song by Martin Wattenberg

Like a Prayer/Madonna - The Shape of Song by Martin Wattenberg

ok, not literature but still a text visualiser

other literature text visualisers: Alice in Wonderland by Text Arc (previous post)

textual visualiser news search by Brendan Dawes

tom sharpe by literature map

tom sharpe by literature map

Great literature visualisation tool
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universal declaration of human rights visualised

featured here:

found here: infosthetics

Pulp fiction dialogue visualised

featured here:

found here: motionographermedia

previous post type visualisation: Typographic City - The Child

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Languages Visual

Where did your spoken langauge descend from? Well english came from the germanic group dark blue. A great visualisation of the origins of european languages.

The proto Indo European language is placed at the centre (4000 BCE) and present day Indo European languages on the outside edge of the circle(2000 CE).

The inner space is also divided into rings representing different millennia, where the most significant ancestral languages from which contemporary Indo European languages are descended are placed. Proto Indo European divided into various groups, which then subdividedand evolved independently, giving rise to today's different Indo European languages. That is why the circle is divided into different sections, each of a different colour. Each section corresponds to one of the subdivisions of the family of Indo European languages. Thus, the:

dark blue section represents the Germanic group;

green, the Celtic one;

yellow, the Romance languages;

pink, the Greek group;

brown, the Balkan group;

orange, the Anatoliangroup;

red, the IndoIraniangroup;

purple, the Tocharian group;

sky blue,the Slavic group; and

turquoise, the Baltic group.

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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Green Motion Map

Interesting animation, in the form of conceptual map in motion. The look is very "plant". This idea seems really interesting, ie, staging and movement of a map heuristic through video. I do not know of any software Mind Mapping, which proposes to export the map in animated form or video.

found here:

Great to see it animated as i noticed it and catalogued a post card advertising it in a notebook that i created when visiting paris back in jan/feb. Featured on page 30 here:

Or view my notebook here:

My drawing is quick just to capture great works to remember and be inspired by. loved the drawings of Alfred Kubin, especially Auto Contemplation.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Blank Canvas

Reminds me of the artists christo & jean claude wrapping the arch way in italy and other places. The commercial is called 'Blank Canvas' and questions what would be possible if all design ideas could start from a blank piece of canvas. Great changing of our perspectives and making us re-see the world which a good designer/artist learns to do.

Learning to Look: A Handbook for the Visual Arts (Phoenix Books)(visual thinking), good book by joshua c taylor.

The all new Ford Kuga, which may just make it State side in a few years, combines Ford's new kinetic design with all-wheel-drive and on-and-off-road capability. How well Europe will receive this new CUV will be known when the Kuga goes on sale in June.

The commercial was directed by Danish director Nicolai Fuglsig, who also directed guinness domino ad which was a great triumph for their brand I think returning them back to their surreal, quirky, mexican-look brilliance started by amv bbdo with Snail Racing (bet on black) by directed by frank budgen, Swimmer by directed by jonathon glazer & of course Surfers by j glazer (who also did dreamer with those great squirrels).

Now Guinness made you visually think.

Anyhow veared off from Nicolai's great wrapped blank canvas ad, the music is by French singer Camille.


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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Black Box

Think it is the black box that kept details of the flight maps. Well here are a few excellant visual exanples of flight mapping.

The first is great, although when you click on the tab flight maps, and then select a country for flights too, it does just assume that the flight originates from the uk. hence uk - paris. dont know if you're able to change the origin of the flight. but look nice and clean visualisations and so highly informative.

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found here: webuser magazine - issue 197 p69 25th september in their forum form BedstrofromAP

The study for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was driven by the presumption that the
airport itself would be relocated off-shore, and subsequently required an investigation into the implications that this could have on the Netherlands.

Not as clean and clear as the first but equally creative and informative.