Saturday, 4 October 2008

Black Box

Think it is the black box that kept details of the flight maps. Well here are a few excellant visual exanples of flight mapping.

The first is great, although when you click on the tab flight maps, and then select a country for flights too, it does just assume that the flight originates from the uk. hence uk - paris. dont know if you're able to change the origin of the flight. but look nice and clean visualisations and so highly informative.

from here:

found here: webuser magazine - issue 197 p69 25th september in their forum form BedstrofromAP

The study for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was driven by the presumption that the
airport itself would be relocated off-shore, and subsequently required an investigation into the implications that this could have on the Netherlands.

Not as clean and clear as the first but equally creative and informative.

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