Thursday, 16 October 2008

Languages Visual

Where did your spoken langauge descend from? Well english came from the germanic group dark blue. A great visualisation of the origins of european languages.

The proto Indo European language is placed at the centre (4000 BCE) and present day Indo European languages on the outside edge of the circle(2000 CE).

The inner space is also divided into rings representing different millennia, where the most significant ancestral languages from which contemporary Indo European languages are descended are placed. Proto Indo European divided into various groups, which then subdividedand evolved independently, giving rise to today's different Indo European languages. That is why the circle is divided into different sections, each of a different colour. Each section corresponds to one of the subdivisions of the family of Indo European languages. Thus, the:

dark blue section represents the Germanic group;

green, the Celtic one;

yellow, the Romance languages;

pink, the Greek group;

brown, the Balkan group;

orange, the Anatoliangroup;

red, the IndoIraniangroup;

purple, the Tocharian group;

sky blue,the Slavic group; and

turquoise, the Baltic group.

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