Saturday, 27 June 2009

language, colour, sound

language, colour, sound
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just ideas, working out in notebook. concrete poetry, orphism, apollinaire.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Mapping Time

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'this was only one digitalized version in the project, which I don't particularly fond of, and not really should be appeared in the project either.
just to make a sense that any kind of database can possibly be carried in certain beautiful form. Only it is the matter of the form whether fully express the idea or not.' Haohao2009

He makes hand crafed ones too and is a wonderful, master thesis project.

I am in agreement with ben and christian at where i found it that it is an 'impressive piece of a hybrid of graphic–, information design and data art'.

Good handmade things in data vis, see also


Identifying Zombies

Space & Activity

Olympic Infographic

i saw it tweeted from new follower/following

great use of colour, clean, clear much in the vain of Global Internet Map by roxanna tran and

apologises i dont know more about the author, will ask jeremy (infojocks) more about who made it. might be at the bottom of the infographic.

See more circles, here:

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Colour Wheel Associations

colour wheel associations by computer arts mag

brand associations that are connoted by certain colours. great wheel to help have an awareness of what colours mean what.

see also:
Colour Scheme Harmoniser
Colour in data visualization
Colour in data visualization references

History of Graphic Design

history of graphic design by phillip b meggs

very good. was inside the book of the same title by phillip b meggs

see also this Graphic Design Map

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Time, Space & Activity


Olga surawski's website is clean and clear, and in her infographics section i believe her visual info biking visualisation has had quite a bit of publicity but i would like to see this one in more detail as it looks to be quite an innovative, creative, well hand made collage effect? but other life maps are no less creative and innovative life maps.

i wonder what data variables have been included? message her here Olga Surawska.

she her porfolio here:


unsc - pierozagami

'UNSC/R: this is the abbreviation for the United Nations Security Council

These documents represent the decisions of the UN’s executive body. This
massiveamount of data (more than 1700 documents) doesn’t come in any organized form.

The purpose of this project is to apply information design strategies to create
visual maps of the Resolutions to help students in politics approach the subject of the

For more information about this project please visit my blog.'

This is is an interesting project and useful, need to knwo more info as to
how the circles help index, communicate, structure the info.

from here:

many more shots of this visual there.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Diagram about crochet

Diagram about crochet
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this looks really good. its wierd i have just finished an infographic similar, will share soon.

products top

lines connecting to graph in middle

colour curved to countries on a world map

Really nice. thanks

Transparency: Where Are All the Fish?

this group has some really great infographics. this one is a collaboration between magazine and timko and klick.