Wednesday, 23 July 2008

3D CV Map

Cartographer of Complexity. This map is brilliant on so many levels. It has a timeline at the heart mapping its creator's, Arnaud Velten, career from 1992 - 2008.

In a similar vein to the previously posted Life Map by Ritwik Dey it colour codes his subject/interests & locations in to 5 colours Green, Light Green, Yellow, Orange & Red (top left). These are then used as a key to his timeline in the middle near the red circle for 'You are here' I think vous etes ici translates to, my french is limited (but you could presume to start there as it is the first, bold red graphic epicentre almost).

Under the subjects headings for Graphics/Illustration Green are Typography, Creation, & Mise en Page (I think 'read the page' similar to mise en scene). This then progresses to Communication light green, Multimedia yellow, Marketing orange & (I guess, weak french) Intelligence strategies red which is how Arnaud has arrived at Cartographer of Complexity demystifying problems (again, weak french).

In the top right it is very compact and gives extreme depth to this spatial information visualisation (infographic) not through the perception of 3d depth in the 2d form (which is executed brilliantly btw), but actual quantity of data are his competencies of software understanding, frontpage, dreamweaver, corel (similair to freehand), photoshop, flash, indesign, after effects, premiere...

The centre steming from his timeline link off to his jobs, blog interests... so much detail, wish I could read french better as i would probably understand a lot more.

I wonder if his sponsor at the bottom/center, International Bank of Art Money exists.

Absolutely Fantastic Map.

Real Pleasure, thankyou Arnaud.

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Business Commando said...

Bank of International Artmoney exist :)
Look @ a interactiv Map

I will answer your questions
thx to Christophe for the Infos ;)