Thursday, 31 July 2008

Literature Map

Literature Map on Visual Think Map.ning.comWonderful little map of relating authors to their similarities, genre. It is similar to music plasma map by Frederic Vavrille previously posted with how it connects musical artists together and actors likewise in a real time animated arrangment steming from the centre of who you searched.

I like tom sharpe and it is no surprise that terry pratchett, p g woodhouse & fear and loathing by hunter s thompson feature in my map.

The graphics/visual leave little to be desired, a bleak blue could have been contrasted with sharp black for the white lettering and maybe a more elegant but still easy to read french script font with a touch of embellishing with it or somewhere in the map display, edges/border. Could heed some advice from observing the subtle style of music plasma.

Anyhow it is a great website tool by marek gibney, produces these great text visual maps of different authors that you might be intersted in to enjoy as I can possibly more comedic pleasure through similarities to one you input.

The literature-map is a part of gnooks, gnooks is apart of gnod, gnod is a project of marek gibney

Similar to music map

Brilliant, give it a go

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