Sunday, 24 August 2008

Graphic Design Map

This is an excellant visual diagram that visualizes the evolution of graphic design. It is a minimal black and white design with dates/columns accross the top and divided into 3 rows:

  1. Art and design movements
  2. Influential Designers
  3. Developments and events

The 1st row was used partly as inspiration for type timeline as well as some dates, details references such as dates aiga formed, atypi etc.

The 2nd would yield fantastic research from any of the designers mentioned, all hihgly important figures in graphic design. some myabe harder to find resaerh on then others.

The 3rd as mentioned i used for some dates, but there is also william henry fox talbot mentioned with his pioneering work using silver nitrate solution and louis daguerre that I wasn't aware of. Then travelling right the way through to 1984 invention of the macintosh computer.

very detailed, very good

found: on a tutors wall a while ago and so made a copy.

sorry dont know the book it was originally photocopied from. know who to show to ask and jog their memory if necessary.


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David said...

Thanks for providing us with rather useful graphic design map.