Thursday, 21 August 2008

Domain Name Map

This is a great complex domains visualisation of how we are provided with our unique url website addresses.

The creators of this domain name system diagram hope to provide a comprehensive picture of how its governed, how it works and what it is.

They keep clean and minimal to help you feel at ease navigating this complex map and a hint of yellow for a starting point guide along the many multidirectional connections.

Along with the yellow they also suggest you can start anywhere or go from 'people' no 1 grey arrow (very small). They have these arrows numbered around which you can use to navigate it as well.

TLD's are Top Level Domain names that are run by Registars such as VeriSign who buy the rights to run .com's ($115,000) & .nets ($115,000) & Afilas who run .info ($115,000). They have to provide public access to their databases searchable at and purchase these TLD's from ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers) a non-profit organisation chartered by US government.

I read just a little from the 'people' and followed it easily, recognising whois and hwo they fit into it all.

Excellant Diagram

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