Thursday, 7 August 2008

Communication Animation

Saw it and thought I do like the sketched animation look. always draws my attention. A Brief History of Communication, the new ad for The Carphone Warehouse, is a charming stop motion animation by Kristofer Strom, the Swedish artist behind You Tube hit Minilogue (equally as creatively brilliant).

There is a wonderful sequence of the development of the phone from the circular dial, to seperate buttons and then a quaint cultural script of the old 'brick' mobile phones. Then its decrease in size sequenced wonderfully in a clockwise twist from phone, to Ipod/Mp3, to mouse (with quirky/surreal ear phones as its wire) & to RSS symbol (blogging/feeds).

Still with more shifting directions/perspectives it continues fast and sharp until back to mobile with GPS mapping technology into a laptop finishing with the future technology of flying engine subtly anchoring that Chitty Bang Bang idea of flying automobiles.

If it was stop motion, there must have been a thousand photos, but it was worth every last one.




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hesslei said...

The Communication is the process of attempting to suggest information from a sender to a receiver with the use of a medium. Communication requires that all parties have an area of communicative commonality. The Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. It is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision, and can be created and demonstrated in a number of ways.