Thursday, 17 July 2008

Mastification Visualisation

The trident gum ads caused quite a bit of controversy with their creative, pastel coloured surreal ads surrounded around mastification.


Audio Help [mas-ti-keyt]
  1. to chew
  2. to reduce to a pulp by crushing or kneading, as rubber

Trident imaginatively concieve this idea of the mastification lobe in the brain. 'The mastication lobe is the largest member of the lobe family and is the part of the brain responsible for receiving and processing chewing pleasure. When a human man or woman chews, the taste and texture receptors on the upper tongue send trillions of tiny pleasure signals direct to the mastication lobe via an intricate network of neural pathways.'

View the video here (scroll to THE MASTICATION LOBE EXPLAINED)

It is quirky and uses these crisp pastel colours and graph paper visual along with the tagline 'mastication for the nation' which is where it had problems with ASA (advertising standards authority) here in the UK and subsequently had to stop their campaign, only after it had already been seen in abundance by the public.

Great thinking, mastificate yourself. [Origin: 1640–50; mastic, -ate1]

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