Monday, 24 March 2008

Music Plasma

Its ‘planets’ style with the 3D central gradient effect to the circles, and varying sizes create excellent salience as they grab your attention. The circular halo around ‘a band represents its popularity, the wider it is, the more popular or representative of a certain style of music it is’. The colour stands out against the soft grey background, ‘the colour of a very popular band, will influence the colour of the related bands’ (Worldwide, 2005, p. credits).

This varying size affects the information value very effectively, but as it is a Concept map, clicking one of the planets readjusts the circular halo (planets) to a series of bands that are associated to them, such as with The Ravonettes. The subtle, seamless, beautiful real time repositioning of the constellation to the associated bands with them is excellent. The interconnection of these information sources is immense and is not half, not nearly as visually stimulating viewed via plain words/sentences. Music Plasma has an interactive highly creative visual composition, visual map. It has mapped the knowledge of a map designers mind and allowed the seamless fluid motion to map user’s interaction.
Worldwide (2005). Frederic Vavrille – Live Plasma

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