Monday, 24 March 2008

Text Arc - Alice in wonderland

In reference to aesthetics and the data functionality Bradford Paley created Text Arc (fig 95) a system for visualising literary texts states ‘beauty [form, aesthetics] is neither an alternative to function, nor a bolt-on extra. The two bear a more subtle relation to one another: “beauty is a personal goal, but I believe that it came from the accurate and comfortable representation of data”’ (Centaur Publication, 2008, p. mar – 50). The aesthetic is needed to make it worth looking at see the whole functionality. (2001). Digital image design incorporated - A TextArc is a visual represention of a text—the entire text (twice!) on a single page. A funny combination of an index, concordance, and summary; it uses the viewer's eye to help uncover meaning.
Centaur Publication. (2008). Creative Review – mar 2008, p.50.

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