Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Illustrative 07 Berlin - Blu Multidirectional comic

Held in Berlin from 31 August to 16 September 2007, Illustrative showcases more than 200 works of established European illustrators. The exhibition focuses on so called free, uncommissioned, daring and ambitious works of the new generation in the illustrative field.

This is an excellant multi-directional comic by Blu, more multidirectional comics featured in Pictures and Words: New Comic Art and Narrative Illustration. It has the same multidrectional, non-linear reading that maps entail. It creates multi-narratives that could be continued with other collaborators/designers with other point of views similiar to PAR, Participatory Action Research[i]. This involves ‘participants in collaborative research activity with researchers in constructing their own perspectives of their world with a view to social improvement’ (Dowmunt, Dunford & Hemert, 2007, p 181).

[i] [i] This is very similar to PD (Participatory Design) which is ‘an approach to systems design that emerged from Scandinavia in the early 1070’s […] active participation of workers in the design process’ to enhance skills/knowledge (Crabtree, 2005, p132).

Illustrative Berlin - blu - multi directional comic - Centaur Publication. (2008). Creative Review nov 07 p52


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