Sunday, 18 May 2008

Life Map

Originally uploaded by ritwikdey

He charts his life between ages 6 and 24 with a revealing honesty of family. Great work looking at the self with the varying rainbow colours changing in scale on the top in these warm vibrant colours of his creative side each colour representing a discipline Drawing, Reading, Singing and further progressing in his Academic studies to Graphic Design, 3d modelling, then to MFA Advertising, Print, Ambient Music.

Then the subtle gradaution creating sublime salience of light blue to dark in the 'Non Academic' of Mechanics, Physics progressing to Code Art probably influenced by John Maeda no doubt, Info Viz.

The very bottom has a good reflection of life mentioning joining Boy Scouts, School Captain, Troop Leader, Mothers Illness, Relationships.

The Very Top if all this wasnt enough he has room to slip in more info of his geographic location over these years. But dont forget there is still room on the right to add to his life from now onwards...

Brilliant Multiple Subjective Map.

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