Thursday, 22 May 2008

Type Timeline Map

type timeline half1
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This visual map explores the relationships/characteristics of the many different typographers/fonts, artistic movements from 1890 - 1950 charting each decade. Wanted it to be minimal style but vast in content, yet still clear and easy to follow.

It was inspired from Stefan Thermerson 'Kurt Schwitters on a time Chart' featured in the brilliant Typographica NS no. 14, December, 1966 edited by Herbert Spencer (Typographica by Rick Poynor 2001).

' which the practices and the techniques of typography have changed dramatically, in which technical developments have released typography from the restrictions and disciplines imposed by metal type, and allowed it to become increasingly visual and less linear, less linguistic. the frontiers between graphic design, photography, and typography have dissolved; the marriage of word and image has been consumated'

said by spencer, poynor pg 127.

Great summary of today and visualisations that we see, said in 1967, 41 years ago.

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