Sunday, 4 May 2008

Wireless Brain Mapping thoughts

Love Muse, was first hooked with plug in baby, thought how it would be great if you could plug in. then took it a step further with pluging in wirelessly to download your thoughts, or upload.

Technology will be there one day... to boldy go where no one has gone before! Well... its there. What I imagined would be a great way to externalise thoughts, is almost a reality.

'Mapping brain could translate thoughts into speech

Forty-one neurons is a drop in the ocean compared with the hundred billion or so cells that are present in our brains. But those few neurons could help Eric Ramsey talk again. It is eight years since a car accident left Ramsey "locked-in" - aware but paralysed and unable to communicate other than through eye movements. By listening in on a tiny population of cells in his brain, neuroscientists hope to give him back his "voice" - a first for someone with his problems.

Ramsey had a wireless electrode implanted 6 millimetres or so below the surface of his brain in 2004 (see Diagram). The electrode records the electronic pulses sent by 41 neurons that surround it in an area of the brain involved in generating speech. By analysing the signals created when Ramsey imagines speaking, the team has developed software that may one day turn his thoughts into ...' from the New Scientist - access to full article needs subsciption.

PS if somone is subscribed could they send me the diagram featured in the article.

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