Thursday, 29 May 2008

Internet Undersea Map

TeleGeography create these brilliant visual map's with subtle colours and stimulate our thinking with clean, clear info graphic pye charts.

TeleGeography's innovative approach to cartography distills complex data sets into attractive posters for hanging on your wall. All maps measure approximately 37" x 51" (0.9m x 1.2m) and are printed on highly durable synthetic stock called Yupo, that is much more durable than traditional paper.

They have a more detailed map of the underground cables in this Submarine Cable Map 2008. The latest edition includes information for over 120 submarine cable systems, including major systems that are in service as well as announced cable systems expected to join a reinvigorated cable market. All data contained in the map is drawn from our Global Bandwidth Research Service, their definitive guide to the supply, demand and pricing of international bandwidth.

The map contains nine informative graphics that describe the state of the submarine cable market including a depiction of how capacity is used on the trans-Atlantic route. The connecting lines are lovely and organic almost hand rendered as was with Key Magazine Cover by John Maeda

They also have made maps for,

European Terrestrial Networks Map
Global Internet Map
& Global Traffic Map

Internet Undersea World Map seen here thorugh guardian:

Bigger version here:

Source: - Submarine Cable Map 2008. Internet Stats from:

Submarine Cable Map seen here:


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