Sunday, 25 May 2008

Periodic Table of Visualisation Methods

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Its interactive, you hover over the elements charted and it gives you an example of the creative data/information visualisation method.

For instance my last post Type Timeline Map would be the element T and is usually just an overview, although I tried to put as much detail in as I could, and is classed as an Information Visualisation. They're all there and more Mind Maps, Flow Charts all divided into categories.

It is another great subversion of design styles with soft pastel colours. The original Periodic Table transformed into Visual Thinking Elements is fantastic. Gives creativity and design this much needed scientific perspective as many data/info visualisations are bordering on the discipline of Science.

This isn't the first periodic table subversion, Simon Patterson not surprisingly in 'Rhodes to Reason' (1995) featured in Mapping: An Illustrated Guide to Graphic Navigational Systems has done this too. Simliar to his other Beck Tube map 'The Great Bear' (1992) subversion he takes actors names initials Sc for sean connery as an element and many other diverse individuals.

I first saw this Periodic Table of Visualisation methods featured among Jeff Bennett's Visualisation Taxonomy at his site I then found it featured at Dave Davison's blog IQP which is when I discovered the full magnitude of its brilliance.

Excellant work by Ralph Lengler and Martin J. Eppler @

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