Thursday, 15 May 2008

Snack on my Maps

Having seen quite a few internet visualisations such as that of the Information Architects - web trend map in a Harry Beck style seen a few times & Opte Project in these spider web constellation style, it was great to see a more graphic impression of it.

I know it was made in 2006 by the artist group Eboy, mentioned in Viz Think 08 post, but Foo Bar is great visual thinking. I first saw their excellant intricatly detailed environments in Illustration Now! although probably aware of that style in circa.

With Myspace street or Blogger as a subway system it uses these popular visuals of internet brands and interprets these into imaginative chaos happening in downtown, urban, industrial setting with physical locations. There are even physical items included such as Ipod's as well as yahoo looking like it is being packed away.

I'm quite curious as to what lost fm is playing from its van but I'd love to assume that the literal interpretation of RSS feeds is represented as a Snack Bar, or maybe could be or as a advertisement for food. Would be a great visual for feeding.

Either way this illustration is great for eliciting creative visual thinking as a student soon discovered after they had picked eboy as a fave for analysis, scary word.

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