Monday, 23 March 2009

Colour Scheme Harmoniser

Not sure if harmoniser is a word, but i like that this tool lets you create a colour harmony form just point and click in the buttons under the wheel

mono, ocntrast, triadic, tetrad, analogical

Faber Birrren would love this, just like j m brockman would have loved grid-designer-tool.

Creating instant colour hamrines for you in a second wasn't enough you can decide upon the subtle nuances of the triad, tetrad and analogical with the degrees between,

Will have to try see version 3 as it isn't supported on IE6 but version 2 is supported on IE6 which is the one shown.

I have seen other good colour pickers that give a scheme and the hex codes but the harmony buttons and subtle nuances so easily manipulable, god this is good, easy, simple.

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