Friday, 6 March 2009

Visualisation Magazine Volume 2 - Circles

this magazine collates some of the most creative and innovative visualisation of information that try to simplify the complex. this volume is based around circles.
featured at flickr:

or on you tube:

next is based on isometrics. example layout featuring work by

With excellant help and collaboration from pedro montiero at it has had an excellant revamp. More work featured by,

Carl Tashian
Peter Crnokrak
T D Architects: Theo Deutinger, Johannes Pointl, Beatriz Ramo
Bradford Paley
Quentin Delobel
Andrew Collins
Grace Lee
Wesley Grubbs, Nick Yahnke
Julien Bayle
Pedro Montiero
Roaxanna Tran (at plus other members)
Ji-Hwan Kim
Sol Jin
stephen p anderson
Christian Nold
jess bachman
tom gauld
2spot et al
Nick Cawthon
Andrew Vande Moere
Jarke J. van Wijk

please send your examples of isometrics for the future issue 3. also please give feedback. and observe the copyrights of non commercial, no derivatives, attributation to myself and pedro.

all featured are very good resources of inspiration for various design jobs as they solve communication problems using easy to understand graphics. Seems a mouthful but basically great graphics that look great (form) and communicate detailed info quickly and easily (function).

All items featured at

Version 1 here:

Visualisation Magazine vol 1 by visual think map

This layout of version 2 lets you zoom in more but loses the nice double page spread, incase you want to see closer detail.

thanks again to all who contributed and there cooperation, very helpful allowing their work to be featured in the magazine and others advice and help. thanks to pedro's collaboartion too, gave it a really good revamp. see more of my work at

or more visualisations featured at

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