Friday, 27 March 2009

Holy Scriptures text map

This i thought was really interesting work, put into a gallery to be hung and viewed.

Donato and his friends at density design through flickr do amazing work and must have been blogged by everyone who has even the slightest quivering appreciation/interest in data visualisation. On their flickr I found this piece originally thoguht to be by themselves but it is by, a project by Philipp Steinweber and Andreas Koller.

This is great that they are squeezing data visualisation off of the web and into the mainstream, i mean dont get me wrong, i might be naive and it is in gallerys, exhibitions, museums far and wide that i am unaware of, but its good to see they are.

this is partly why i wanted to make visualisation magazine to get it off the web and feeds and fed into the colleges, uni's for students, artists, other fields to engage in their subtle brilliance. i know i am probably hyping them too much... but i cant restrain my love of data vis etc.

well enough of my rants, see more shots of this here and check out the haul of data vis by density design and donato on flickr with their work also at

be fed by them now:

nice message paper folding:

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