Friday, 20 February 2009

Grid Designer Tool

Brilliant. i love web tool's that save a large amount of time coding and remembering attributes and the syntax <> halb < /h2 > etc... Well josef muller brockmann of the digital age eat your heart out. 

1st use your mouse and click increase decrease etc to create the layout you desire

2nd decide upon your font... 
with helvetica available... although i am not sure how wide spread helvetica comes with systems, does on macs... can get a pc version from there is a link there to helevetica free for download. 

3rd copy paste the generated css style sheet, or just the basic html to squeeze in between your BODY tags somewhere.

thankyou Rasmus Schultz

found in march 08 creative review

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Paul St. Amant said...

Incredibly useful application for designing web sites. I will definitely add this to my favorites, write it on my hand, make it my home page. Thanks for the info.

Paul St. Amant