Thursday, 5 February 2009

Text 2 Mind Map

This is an excellant, easy to use online mind mapping tool.

Visualise your ideas, thoughts in the text editor on the left, to create a new node/level simply use TAB key and to go back a level, new main node BACKSPACE key, like you do in WORD. Honestly, you need to nothing of design, mind mapping, visualising and it creates the top map that you can view full screen with the controls on the right.

As for the quality of the visualisation, the more TAB levels you create the colours automatically create give you an excellant single tone harmony (faber birren) and it changes in its size both working together to create a very effective hierachy of information. You can change the colours.

The functionality is excellant, simple, clear and to make it transferrable from their site you can easily click Save Map and it generates a flattened jpeg that opens in a new window, so allow popups.

To make changes just tweak your text editor on left and click convert to mind map.

I shouldn't go over the top, but to find such a easy, effective, simple to use online tool is great for those who prefer the speed of digital manipulation, than that of on paper and then having to scan/photog to share digitally, very good.

I just shared some ideas of my research from particular books to test its visualisation effects.

Thanks Arnaud, again...

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