Friday, 18 April 2008

Visual Poetry 05

“I was visually inspired by L-System algorithms. However, it did not make sense to use any recursive algorithms. But I picked up the idea that certain symbols in a text would control the growth of the tree. Specific letter-combinations would create a new branch, others would make it grow stronger. So the final tree-structure would be a direct result of the letter sequence in the text. Therefore, every poem is represented by its own, distinct tree.” muller, boris

These are beautiful but 'Information aesthetic visualizations should appeal both to the mind and soul. While they positively stimulate our senses, in terms of engagement, involvement, and imagination, they are also optimized for the specific task of conveying complex data-driven concepts in intuitive and easily comprehensible ways. It is not a surprise then, that the most successful infographics use creative design insights'. Vande Moere, Andrew

This reiterates what has been mentioned upon with Wordless Recipics by Lauren Bugeja post that the GUI (graphic user interface) should utilise engagement allowing greater playfulness through more challenge, presenter control, and variety in a game for browsing. These creative design insights are being aware of the salience, redundacy etc.

Andrew Vande Moere - Lecturer/Assistant Professor Key Centre of Design Computing & Cognition

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