Saturday, 30 September 2017

Blue Stilton & Mushroom Tart

Yum. This was delicious. I first followed a recipe from the Great British Book of Baking, previous post I think. Now I have adapted tweaked and still taste and worked really well.

I'm no Michelin star by any means, I just love food and this taste good. One day I'll make the short crust from scratch but for now Just Roll is great.

Oh and I've had a quick skim and I'm not sure if it's quiche or tart or pie and what the definitions or geographic determinents are for its name. It's just yum.


500grams mushroom
Blue Stilton (crumble over to desired amount)
300g of cream (tried it here with lot fat Greek yogurt, tastes and arose fine).
3 medium eggs
1 packet of just roll
Roughly 22cm baking tin
Flour for dusting tin and surface to roll out pastry


Will get to these soon. Took a picture of my scribbles for now.

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