Saturday, 25 April 2009

Aesthetics & Computation Group

: tom white

exploring visual representations of different models of computation that
lend themselves to direct manipulation in order to better understand and
construct information spaces

: jared schiffman

reeavaluating the process of writing programs and the visual environment
in which this activity takes place. to make writing and reading code
more inuitive through an enhanced visual infrastructure

(live version)
: ben fry

using the process of organic information design to visualize the
changing structure of a web site, juxtaposed with usage information

: ben fry

a series of experiments combining visualization and genomics.
expressing qualitative features of the human genome through advanced
visual representations.

These are some of the projects that I will certainly try to have a deeper
reader about from the aesthetics and computation group featuring john maeda and
ben fry. I was aware of the project below as most people are,

processing :
ben fry and casey reas

processing is an environment for learning the fundamentals of computer
programming within the context of the electronic arts. it is an electronic
sketchbook for developing ideas. processing is an open project initiated
by ben fry and casey reas, of the interaction design institute ivrea.

A very good group that i will certainly follow to keep
up-to-date as they try to explore language, mapping (space), communication.
Truly creative projects that I must have a good read, may just have to blog
individually upon further inspection. I found this group through with a review of a chapter written by greg smith for Handbook of Research on Computational Arts and Creative Informatics which will be released
sometime in the next several weeks.

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