Wednesday, 28 January 2009

389 Type

I created the initial concept of this poster on the night of November 4th.
Inspired by Barack Obama's victory and struck with a sense of awe when realizing
the amount of hard fought progress that has been achieved in this country,
Iwanted to pay homage to this centuries long journey. The original graphic which
can be seen here, became very popular and spread all over the internet. Many people loved it and ask me to make a print.

While I initially created it rather spur of the moment and with no desire to
sell it as a poster, the graphic needed to be completelyoverhauled in order to
make it practical for printing. The original would have been 12 feet long. So I
took the opportunity to really refine the design and create a lasting piece.
There were also many additions to the time line that people suggested. This
poster is not a tally of African American achievements, rather it is a record of
progress and setbacks. While Obama's election is not the endgame of equality, it
is a magnificent example of what is truly possible.

I hope you enjoy it and that it reminds you of the shoulders we all stand upon
and the stained greatness of this nation and its people who have indeed,

jess states further 'It's not a typical visualization, as its all type and NOT a
word cloud but it is conveying information and special attention was paid to the
type weight, size, and placement to convey subtext.'

can appreciate that would have been delicate and kind to the look of the type as
i'm sure there was some altering of tracking, leading etc.

but it is good to see an informative design that isnt just a word cloud that is
more often that not aloud to arrange itself. words in this have been placed,
arrranged, hierachy, no doubt edited with 'selective omission' as quentin newark
states in what is graphic design' (been reading recently for quotes to define




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