Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Advertising History Timeline

this is an excellant interactive timeline, as you hover over one of the red brackets between years, it displays a drop down/up of information with specific year and a form of communication/advertisign developed such as the cuniform pictographs.
a beautiful, clean, tidy layout with white space to hold the interactive mouseover links that softly animate into the space to display more information and thew use of red and black combines well. the style is similar to Type Timeline Half 1, Kurt Schwitters on a Timeline by stefan thermerson and with a few images of important inventions/communications already displayed that have a small films/animations appeneded to their nodes gives a great liuttle bit of interactivity and focus for the users attention until the discovery of the mouseover bracket links.
also like any timeline that progresses over the western logic of left to right reading of a notoriously landscape layout there are too many dates to keep proportionatley spaced and still fit to a3 size or 1024 x 768 screen. So the creatore at nonline give these bold brackets with small arrows for left and right as the most dominating feature to hint at the scrolling navigation of the years. What was an intersting interactive navigation of space was done for British History Timeline by BBC, which doesnt keep the same proportionate space but divides history into colour categories and expands/stretches the display for each category.
My only let down is the limited amount, although a great tool and overview already provided, a limited amount of information as i was left wanting more history appended to the smaller grey brackets. but their are plenty of brackets for this to be rectified in the future.
great tool for students/people to interactive with themselves or even be instructed through, just keep the use of pictures to break up the text.

cheers arnaud

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