Friday, 16 January 2009

Self Mapping

Visualise yourself, what would you display to an audience? how intimate would you make it? Well even though he has been doing them from 2005 I have just discovered them by Nicholas Feltron. With very minimal styles but nice clean, clear, infographics and bold numbers encased in this swiss style grid system to keep some structure and rigidity to his diverse information of his life.

I am curious how he records all this data to be absolutely accurate, it must be some focsed, disciplined time keeping and number crunching.

Why? When quizzed, Felton’s admits that ‘it satisfies a real curiosity that I have about my habits. Why is it a popular document? If there are numer ous people out there who think it is fascinating and don’t even know me… imagine how fascinating I find it’. At first your reaction is ‘Oh please….’ but soon you are scouring the pages to see which was the most visited restaurant, his most-drunk beer: a sort of typographic Truman Show, authored by Truman himself.

It is intersting how the CR blog author describes it as a sort of typographic Truman Show.

there are previous versions there.

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