Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Change from a Pound with McDonalds Saver Menu

Just saw this quirkly little, quick info-graphic style with a pinch of monty pythons and Now for something Completely Different collaged hand.

Trying to play on the the economic narrative of there been an utter abundance of money for everyone recently they thought they'd be inspired by showing people, how they info graphically calculate the savings from a pound, just one pound (uk), of a whole penny in an amusement arcade game, bless.

What do they compare their 99p savings to, 5 bears, a tree and a crayon.

Was quirky and it is no surprise it has a soupcon (checked spelling in word ;o) of the amusing terry gilliam is it... two terry's... animation.

unbelievably found it quickly here: http://www.visit4info.com/advert/Change-from-a-Pound-with-McDonalds-Saver-Menu-McDonalds-Restaurant/67995

Like this one more when i was searching for it, dont think it was aired in uk,


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