Thursday, 2 April 2009


You dont need to be able to read spanish* to undertand this infographic by Samuel Granados, well maybe a little for deeper ajudication.

desaprobacion = diapproval - red

Found on density design and samuel has no doubt lost none of their brilliant design skills being a former student in information graphics + function + beauty as this parchment effect paper gives it a historical document of 'manuscript' importance. With a lovely surreality of an abstract cutting of the top head technique it has some harmony of green and red graduation with a timeline of bush's office. I should find out how long it took samuel to make the 4 pages but really good. Good tabing to create the familiar syntax of folders/files.

Really good.



*I had put italian but have changed it when reminded which I knew as I had to translate but hadnt changed. thanks ;o)

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ef9hi said...

sorry, but i think this is not italian.
it seem to be spanish (or something like that). by the way, i think it's not so important, we've understand what you mean ^_^.