Sunday, 28 September 2008

Visualisation Magazine

Visualisation Magazine vol 1 by visual think map

Visualization magazine volume 1 has a collection of 20 top examples that explore creative innovative modes of visual communication of information that i have featured at this site, plus other bits that will hopefully expand over time and member (you) would gratefully in time like to contribute, if you wanted.

Things like maps, diagrams, info graphics, mindmaps, brainstorms, sketchbooks,
notebooks, flowcharts, scientific visualization, process visualization etc. As I
say they are very good resources of inspiration for various design jobs as they
solve communication problems using easy to understand graphics. Seems a mouthful
but basically great graphics that look great (form) and communicate detailed
info quickly and easily (function).

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roberta buzzacchino said...

ciao !

grazie per aver scelto una mia mappa
la comunità dei pensatori visuali
cresce sempre più !!

complimenti per il blog

roberta :)