Saturday, 20 September 2008

Visual Body

Here are some creative visualisation like the video above of excellant
mapping into
displaying the inner workings of the human body. Really creative, full coloured
animated depiction of the human arteries really imaginative insight.

Really neat promotional video from the

found here:

The visible body is no less imaginative, informative and detailed with its
full coloured deptictions. They quite rightly state that they can be used


Use it in the classroom to show structures and their relationships.


Use it as you study to help you visualize and memorize.

Health Professionals:

Use it in your office or exam room to teach patients about their conditions.


Use it to explore and learn about your amazing human body

from here:;jsessionid=pPpAedIMBWbVtqkfn115Nw**.node2

found here: - post: How it's done it?

Although these visualisations may not be as highly creative depicting the
human body with its silky intricacies, smooth colours without the more intimate
depth perception created by with the 3d perspective they are still as

from here:

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