Thursday, 11 September 2008

Information Aesthetics Diagram

From they're paper Towards a Model of Aesthetics in information Visualization, Andrea Lau & Andrew Vande Moere (who was previously quoted, see here) create this fantastic equilaterral triangular digram that helps understanding of the types of images, charts, art, design & much more.

Although I have yet to read this paper, this diagram investigates & structures the different types of mapping between the three poles of:

Aesthetics - Focus on visual style & experience
Data - Focus on representing abstract data sets
Interaction - Focus on user input & feedback

Regular readers will notice that this blog seeks to find some of the most creative & innovative (aesthetics) ways of visualising, mapping (hence I tend to call them visual maps) information (data).

I am also intersted the Interaction between users mentioned in the diagram such as the HCI (human computer interaction), explored really well by lauren bugeja in her research map, and taking into account the level of engagement of the graphics, GUI (graphic user interface) both in website design such as hierachy/composition, but also the graphics themselves beeing stimulating when dealing with interactive visualisations such as kartoo, visual acoustics or music plasma.

The higher engagement allows greater playfulness through more challenge, presenter control, and variety in a game for browsing, read here presentation visualisation by till voswinkel.

This diagram certainly gives a reader/user of this visual map/diagram a better awareness of how these interesting factors of info vis, data vis, art, design & graphics all coherently piece (reflected in its jigsaw syle puzzle) together.

Excellant, read the paper, as will I.

For further research into visualisation read, views on visualisation from eager eyes. Or see more papers co-written by andrew vande moere.

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