Sunday, 14 September 2008

Notebook Route Map

This is showing the visual communication of my thoughts on page(s), (9 pages). A visualisation through the journey of my investigation on the terrain of thoughts.

They meander accross the double page spread and mostly are connected via their physical position, i.e. a train of thought finishes, it restarts at the same point at the edge of the page on the next.

They were experiments to see how I visualised my ideas. Whether their physical arrangement through the notebook of my research, ideas, investigations helped me understand better. Re-Re-Reinvestigation.

The second image (route map) is for others to use, simply overlay it on any terrain thou wishes squire, your own notebook pages, maps etc. Then visually think and elicit thoust own topographic connections and routes.

It is quite a conceptual abstract notion to take the visual direction of my thoughts on page(s), the journey of my investigation on the terrain of thoughts and utilise this route with alternative content/terrain. Really like the abstract/organic lines mixed with geometric shapes bringing a bit of order to my thoughts (chaos).

Some experiments I have created, playing with that great notion of 'the map is not the territory' - baudrillard. Hence investigations into what is the territory, and can you utilise maps in different territories. Spatial arrangments intensifying/enhancing cognition. Got me buzzing.

Hope they're interesting.

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