Sunday, 8 June 2008

Evolution of Life Visual

Following on from Watch the Evolution Design post this info - graphic map elicits great visual thinking.

It has so much detail charting life evolving on land, in water against a geological timeline with such subtle pastel colours, little line illustrations & sharp pink sectioning, similiar form to the Liverpool Map. It is brilliant.

It appears on p.32 of the Unknown. (1993). Times Atlas of the world (concise edition) 6th Ed. Hammond World Atlas Corporation. First published in 1982, this book has become a classic of reference publishing around the globe. The acknowledgements section gives picture credit to "Encyclopaedia Universalis".

Encyclopædia Universalis is published in French (by Encyclopædia Britannica) and the current edition has been hailed as an irreplaceable reference. One of the distinguishing features of this set is its intelligent structure. With more than 18,000 bibliographical notes, 50,000 entries, and 280,000 references, the 4-volume Index is the master key to this work. The 23-volume Corpus, with more than 6,000 in-depth articles on various subjects covering nearly every field, can be considered a summary of all knowledge.

It has more than 4,000 world-renowned authors, and with these vivid info graphics, they literally bring to life every topic engaging readers and explaining more complicated topics.

Image: Steve M, cheers.

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