Thursday, 6 November 2008

Circular Visuals

by Pedro Monteiro

Great visual by pedro, extremely current and very useful to see just at a glance the sheer increase over time just by their size. the red stands out very well with a minimal black and white structure similar to Once More Around the Sun, with little bits of information giving reasons as to the increase. ceheck out his others here: eco footprints (isometric similar technique to 3D
CV Map
), elections (robert kosara/eager eyes contest, very nice technique/idea), 700billion
& more.

wine flavour wheel by carl tashian
flavour wheel by carl tashian

What is the relationship between wine varieties and flavor components? This visualization attempts to show the strength of these relationships. I culled descriptive flavor words from over 5,000 published wine tasting notes written between 1995-2000 in a major Australian wine magazine. Written by Carl Tashian for Visualizing the Five Senses, a class at

Really great interactive visual, minimal. more here:

great post from info aesthetics by andrew v moere

girltalk by gregg gillis
by gregg gillis

girl talk is the DJ name for gregg gillis and is great visual using colour to distinguish the different songs and layers of tracks that he mixes up along a neat circular timeline covering his slot. think there are sites that let you cut up tracks, will me check... and there is the BBC music cubes, lets you build up your favourite tracks but not splice i think.

anyhow great visual with the artists faces jumping off for a bit of ease of

think i saw it posted by randy k/coolinfographics.blogspot (sorry would post
hyperlink but need to dash to shop)

Also check out these (some previously posted)

love will tear us apart type by peter crnokrak / A_B_peace & terror by peter crnokrak posted here: Joy, Love, War, Peace

Languages Visual

the great sky scraper visual: Bank Space Sky Onion Visualisations

Map of Carnaby Street, Adobe CS3 Icons Visual Map, Watch the Evolution Design, Dynamic
Time Visualisation
& Once More Around the Sun by bradford paley.


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