Sunday, 9 November 2008

World Wireless Map

With the innovation and development of internet 3g enabled mobile phones technology with the fantastic Iphone from apple, it is important that other technology's are there to support it.

When reasearching about internet speeds I learnt more about wireless internet speeds. In the uk I had heard of 3G but I never realised that this represented wireless internet.

Well when i realised that there had been 2G sm (global systems for mobile communication) with a data transfer of 14.4 kbps (kilo bits per sec), worse that dial-up 56 k bps modem, not kilo bytes per sec, read this page for better understanding of data transfer & file size, I soon learnt more.

3G has a data transfer rate of 2 mbps (mega bits per sec), now as I found it a trall trying to find the transfer rates for 2G & 3G I read that not everywhere, especially in america, has 3G wireless access/coverage. Making your Iphone 3G enabled connection pretty slow.

This made me curious as to the possibility of a world map that shows where and what wireless internet connection speeds are available, as there different networks such as 2.5G PRS (32 kbps), HSCSD (57.6 kbps), EDGE (384 kbps) and... there is.

The GSM Association and are proud to announce the availability of the updated GSM World Coverage map for 2008. This publication is available in printed form at all GSM Association events and can also be downloaded in PDF using the links below. Unfortunately we are unable to post copies of the map. This maps is updated from time-to-time and new versions can be identified by a change in the colour used for coverage.

Europe has quite a good coverage of 3G connection speeds for your Iphone (depicted in yellow).

Other maps:
Find out whether your area has 3G coverage before you invest in an Iphone.

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