Saturday, 2 May 2009

Emotion Map

Worcester Waterfront is an exciting 2 year project to improve the city’s riverside. It will provide more seating and paving,
suitable lighting, interpretation of the natural and social history of everything along the route and linking up all sorts of places and stories along the way. The idea is to also achieve the building of another bridge across the river for pedestrians and cyclists at Diglis Island, to form one of the best two and a half km circular walks in the country.

Through Andy Stevenson at Worchester university the council are using a new form of multimedia visualisation to help develop the Waterfront proposals, both to illustrate the route online, and to gain opinions about the area to inform the design. The method, which involves satellite (GPS) tracking, heart rate monitoring and listening to audio commentaries is helping to show how individuals both utilise and react when out travelling along the riverside paths near Worcester’s City Centre.
The system is being developed to help the progress of the design and to see how stretches of the riverside can be most
effectively enhanced for all users.

Emotimap is great idea and Andy and the team are currently planning how to make this visualisation available commercially. It has some good attempts at linking colour and emotion to geographic location. here is the link to the project for the worchester council

Screenshot of the emotimp

An image taken from the map showing the coloured ‘mood’ markers.

Andy has also done an interesting project featured at Movement Mapping on Flickr that is creative capturing a peculiar
variable of the cat.

Good stuff. thanks for the embed link andy.

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